Frequently Asked Questions
Q.  How do I apply for assistance?
 All applications must be completed online.  Click on the application tab and follow the directions.  
Check the appropriate boxe for the program you wish to apply for.  Be sure you are connected to a
working printer.  Everyone 18 years of age and older must sign the signature page.  The HUD
Emergency Contact form must be signed by the Head of Household.  

Q.  What documents are required?
 For the initial application to be considered active, the applicant must provide the housing authority
with a birth certificate and social security card for every member of the household, photo identification
for everyone 18 years and older, and proof of
all sources of income.  Additional documents will be
required when the applicant is closer to the top of the waiting list.
Q.  How do I find out my position on the waiting list?
Applicants may call the WRHA office at 228-6515 during regular business hours to check their progression on the waiting list.

Q.  Is there any special consideration for someone with an urgent housing need?
 No, WRHA fills its vacancies strictly by its waiting list.  We do not offer "Emergency" housing.

Q.  Do I receive any special consideration because I am a veteran?
Yes.  Preference is also given to individuals/families who are 1) Veterans 2) living/working in Wythe County (earned income) 3)

Q.  Are pets allowed in the public housing apartments?
 Yes, a small dog (under 30 pounds) or cat is allowed with a $300 pet deposit.  A $100 fumigation charge from the deposit is not
refundable.  Some small pets such as birds and fish do not require the payment of a security deposit.  All pets must be approved
by WRHA staff prior to being in the apartment..

Q.  Are utilities included in my rent?
For Public Housing, yes; all other programs vary.

Q.  Are any apartments accessible to persons with disabilities?
Yes, WRHA has apartments that are designed for residents in wheelchairs, and  additional apartments that are designed for
residents with disabilities.

Q.  Do the apartments have air conditioning?
 Public housing (scattered sites) apartments are not air conditioned.  However, the tenant may purchase and have WRHA
maintenance staff install window units.

Q.  What appliances are furnished?
All appliances are furnished  Apartments at Hedgefield have washer/dryer hookups.  Other public housing apartments have a
washer hookup.

Q.  What is the difference between the public housing program and the tax credit program?
 Public housing rent is adjusted based on income and includes utilities.  Tax credit housing has "set rents" and the utilities are
generally paid by the tenant.  Housing Choice Vouchers may be used in tax credit housing but not in public housing.

Q.  Who provides maintenance for Tax Credit Housing?
  Maintenance for the building's interior and exterior is provided by WRHA and/or its contracted providers.  Yard maintenance is
sometimes required of the tenant -- depending on the development where the tenant resides.   

Q.  What size units are available?
Southridge Apartments are all one bedroom units.  Southridge Estates are three bedroom single family dwellings.  Cassell
Pines Apartments consist of one and two bedroom units.  Some of the one bedroom units at Cassell Pines are designed for
persons with disabilities accessibility.  Jefferson Union apartments are one and two bedroom units; half of the units are designed
for persons with disabilities accessibility. Freedom Lane is a development for Veterans and the elderly. It consists of one and two
bedroom units;five units are totally for persons with disabilities. Veterans receive preference for this development.